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See The Player Spanish Giants Barcelona Are READY To Buy To Replace Neymar
Posted by Ezeudoye Samuel on July 30, 2017

Barcelona has contacted Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann in their search for Neymar’s replacement.

According to Marca, Barcelona is attracted by Griezmann’s €100m buyout clause at Atletico. They see the price as reasonable value for the player in this summer’s transfer window.

As a fixed price, Atletico would not be able to increase their asking price for Griezmann if Barcelona let Neymar go for €222 million.

Marca also reports that PSG might have to sell €110m worth of players in order to fund their bid for Neymar.

This is in order not to flout UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules

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Posted by Ezeudoye Samuel at 30/07/2017 11:15:45 am

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