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time08:42 pm22/04/2024
<div id="content" class="group"><h1><div align="justify" style="color:black;">Barcelona accidentally announce Denis Suarez Loan to Arsenal</h1><br/><br/><normal>Posted by <a href="/About-me" style="color:red">Ezeudoye Samuel</a> on <xt:last_modified tzone="1" format="F d, Y" ></div><br/><p><center><img src="/Pic/sports/Denis-suarez-to-arsenal.png" style="max-width:100%;" alt="Denis Suarez"></center></p><p><div id="content" class="group"> <xt:include file="/s/Denis-suarez-to-arsenal"> </p></div><p></div><xt:include file="/SportsTag.txt">
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